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What’s that? What’s this? An update? After 5 long years? Expected a huge update, huh? Sorry, nothing but some new reviews. However, I thought that if I made some reviews, it might motivate me to do more soon. We’ll see. In that case, I will probably make further changes, like in direction and content. I really don’t follow the dark folk genres any more apart from what I found truly interesting so don’t expect much more of those bands. But check in on me occasionally, you never know. I actually disagree with many of my old reviews, to the point that I want to erase half of them. I even thought of creating an entirely new site but that proved to be too much work.
Also, the interview section is trashed, so is the silly score in & thing and the note line as well died while I was at it.

As usual, artists can get in touch to have their work reviewed. I no longer accept CD contributions but send me a Spotify link or MP3 files. Thank you for the patience.