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The site has been around since 2008, after I finished journalism studies and felt like continue writing stuff but couldn’t find a job and my poetry sucked so I made a webzine to spread the music of the artists I loved. The name, The Shadows Commence, I took from a song by OF THE WAND AND THE MOON, it was something Kim sang in one of his songs.

I’ve been focusing on dark folk stuff, or neofolk if you like, but through the time the site was put on ice, I drifted away from that sort of music a bit. Of course I still like bits of it, and get a couple of the new releases as well, but from now on, The Shadows Commence won’t have such a narrow focus.
Of course, whatever I think about an album is totally my own opinion and I encourage you to get one yourself. My main goal isn’t to say “this is good but this is bad”, my main goal is to shed some light on works of art that often are left in the shadows.

If you want your work given a mention on here, then just get in touch. I can’t promise much but I’ll look into any opportunity. I used to accept CD promos but now I see that as a waste of raw material since I don’t play them anyway, so MP3 gifts and Spotify links are to be preferred.

Remember that I have zero tolerance for anything dodgy such as homophobia, sexism, fascism, islamophobia, religious extermism and about everything else that works for insulting an already excluded minority.

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