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A Minority of One – Bathe in Firey Answer.

Abnocto – Simon Magus.

Agitated Radio Pilot – A Field Day.

Agitated Radio Pilot – The Rural Arcane.

Agitated Radio Pilot – World Winding Down.

Apatheia – Lifethesis.

Arborea – House of Sticks.

Arborea – S/T.

Art Abscon(s) – Spektral Magik.

Art Of Empathy – Evening Sessions.

At The Head of the Woods – Secrets Beyond Time and Space.

Autumn Grieve – Stray Birds.

Awen – The Bells Before Dawn.


Babayof, Noa – From a Window to a Wall.

Ballo Delle Castagne – S/T.

Bark of the Wood – Winternight.

Barra, Declan de – A Fire to Scare the Sun.

Bauda – Oniirica.

Big Huge, The – A Woven Page of Silver Light.

Birch Book – Vol. III: A Hand Full of Days.

Bleeding Heart Narrative – All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World.

Bleeding Heart Narrative – Tongue Tangled Hair.

Blessure Grave – Judged by Twelve, Carried by Six.

Blood Axis – Born Again.

Bloody Woods – Colour.

Blutharsch, Der – The Philosopher’s Stone.

Bosse – 3.

Bozzone, Chris – Horizons of Death.

Brillig – Red Coats.

Broderick, Peter – Home.

Brown, Flake – Help the Overdog.

Buried Birds – Empty Lake of Sanity.

Buried Birds – Pink Lions.

Burgundy Grapes – Lagero.

Burgundy Grapes – S/T.


Child of a Creek, The – Find a Shelter Along the Path.

Cogwheel and Rose, The – Secrets Forever Lost.

Colloquio – Si Mouve e Ride.

Crazy Man Michael – The Green Light.

Crow Tongue – The Red Hand Mark.

Cubs – The Whispering Woods.

Cult of Youth – S/T.


Dannagoischd – Emm Dichda Ondrholz.

Death’s Head Hearth – Beneath the Bow.

Death in June – Black Angel – Live!

Death in June – Peaceful Snow.

Death in Rome – Barbie Girl / Pump Up The Jam.

Deleyaman – Fourth – Part One.

Derniere Volonte – La Nuit Revient.

Distorture – Revere.

Division S – Something To Drink 4.

Doomed Bird of Providence, The – S/T.

Doo Soo, Kim – 10 Days Butterfly.

Doo Soo, Kim – Evening River.

Doubleday, Kate – Belonging.

Down in June – Covers… Death in June.


Elemental Chrysalis, The – The Dark Path to Spiritual Expansion.

Elevenland – The Garden King.

Elli Riehl – Das Brauen Der Feuerwolken.

Elli Riehl & O Paradis – Initium Dolorum.

Eltan Renaxy – Wierd Ballads in my Town.

Enchanted Wood, The – S/T.

Eonic – Shadows.

Ex Reverie – The Door Into Summer.


Falkenstein – Heiliger Wald.

Falkenstein – Kraftort.

Falkenstein – Urdarbrunnen.

Fearthainne – S/T.

Feuerkreiner, Der – Unsere Zeit.

Folkearth – Songs of Yore.

Forest of the Soul – S/T.

Forest of the Soul – Faun Song.

Fräkmündt – Urbärglieder.

Fuzzy Lights – A Distant Voice.

Fuzzy Lights – Twin Feathers.


G/G Apzinas Paraziti – 1 000 000 Nevienam Nevajadzigu Lidzjutibu.

Glimmer Void – Souls Parade.

Gol Dolan – Pino.

Gol Dolan –  The Traces of Mist.

:Golgatha: – Cycles.

Gnomonclast – Tempus Null.

Green Man, The – From Irem to Summerisle.

Grey Waters – Below The Ever Setting Sun.

Grouper – Ruins.

Gruenewald – S/T.

Gruenewald – II.


Hel – Tristheim.

Hoboud – Wkrzeszenie Hobouda.

Holt – 80 Mile Beach.


I Like Trains – The Shallows.

In Scherben – Dort an jenem Baume.

Ironwood – Storm Over Sea.


Jahrtal – Lichtbuch.

Jahrtal – William Blake: Lieder Von Unschuld Und Widerfahren.

Jivek, Kentin – Eight New Prophecies.

Joy of Nature, The – The Empty Circle Part 1: Swirling Lands of Disquiet and Catharsis.

Joy of Nature, The – The Empty Circle Part 2: Rastos de Sangue e fragmentos da Tradicao.

Jännerwein – Abendläuten.


Kathleen Concept – Introduction.

Kauan – Aava Tuulen Maa.

Keene, Edd – The Green Man.

King, Andrew & Brown Sierra – Thalassocracy.

Kinit Her – Glyms or Beame of Radicall Truthes.

Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat – The Nebulous Dream.

Klingwall, Fredrik – Works of Woe.

Kutna Hora – Obsession, Faith, Perservance.

Kuu – Suomi or the Well of Impossible Wishes.


Lady Morphia – Essence & Infinity.

Lama Sonam Dorje & Anton Batagov – Daily Practice.

Lappalainen, Christian – Acid På Svenska.

Lark Blames – The Reins of Life.

Larrnakh – Now Will You Believe?

Last Harbour – My Knowen Foe.

Leafblade – Beyond, Beyond.

Leuku – Blindfolded.

Lia Fail – Leipzig.

Liholesie – Boundless Thirst for the Outside.

Liholesie – Primeval Rotation.

Liholesie – Vast Homeland.

Lindbergh Baby, The – Hoodwinked.

L’Ocelle Mare – Porte d’Octobre.

Lodge Doom – The Walpurgis Session.

Lost Kingdom – As the new Dawn Awakes.

Lovac – The Apes of a Cold God.

Lux Interna – A Lantern Carried in Blood and Skin.

Lönndom – Viddernas Tolv Kapitel.


Maa – Tuhkankantajat.

Made in Poland – Future Time.

Medicine Moon – S/T EP.

Medusa’s Spell – Last X Hours.

Melanudrigill – The Black Wid.

Memoria – The Midnight Ball.

MePhI – MoRgAnIuM Ad AyLaNiUm.

Mercuri, Damiano – European Music And Ballads From Renaissance And Baroque Era.

Methadrone – Better Living (Through Chemistry).

Methadrone – Retrogression.

Methadrone – Sterility.

Miel Noir – Der Honigflügel.

Minstrels, The – Our Cruel Demise.

Monosov, Ilya – Seven Lucky Plays, Or How To Fix Songs For A Broken Heart.

Moon Far Away – Minnesang.

Mr. Pine – Rewilding.

Musk Ox – Entre la Terre et le ciel, les Nuages et la neige, le Soleil et les Arbres.

Musk Ox – S/T.

Musk Ox – S/T (Re-release)


Naevus – Relatively Close to the Sea.

Naevus – Truffles of Love.

Naira Project, The – Standing at the Edge of Despair.

Naudhiz – Sehnsuchtsstiche.

Nechochwen – Algonkian Mythos.

Nebelung – Vigil.

Nekyia – Alchemalady.

Nemo-Dog – Conversations with a Child in the Forest.

Nest – Trail of the Unwary.

Neutral – Serpents in the Dawn.

Nöla, Thomas et Son Orchestre – Vanity is a Sin.

Novalis Deux – Ghosts Over Europe.


O Paradis – Pequenas Canciones de Amor.

Occult – Skogen.

One For Jude – Bonheur Dynamique.

One For Jude – Re Generation.

Orplid – Greifenherz.

Ostara – The Only Solace.

Owl Service, The – A Garland of Song.

Owl Service, The & Alison O’Donnell – The Fabric of Life.


Pale Roses – Fear of Dawn.

Passione Nera – Research.

Petrels – Mima.

Phantom Dog Beneath the Moon – The Trees, The Sea in a Lunar Stream.

Psychogeographical Commission, The – Genius Loci.


Raz, Avital – Strange Love Song.

Recondita Stirpe – Nessuna Letargia.

Refuse to Die – Collection of Agnostic Flies.

Reid, James – Tales Between the Tides.

Resurrection Fern – Earth Rising.

Retarder – Retarder’s Enquiries.

Reynardine – The Hare’s Dream.

Rising Shadows – Found in the Cold.

Roma Amor – Feminna.

Roma Amor – S/T.

Rome – Flowers from Exile.

Rome – Masse Mensch Material.

Rougge – Fragments.

Rougge – Monochrome.

Rowan Amber Mill, The – Heartwood.

Rowan Amber Mill, The – Midsummers.


Sagittarius – Songs from the Ivory Tower.

Satori – Kanashabiri.

Scion, Peter – Devachan.

Seelenlicht – Love and Murder.

Sensucht – Wüste.

Seven Morgues – Please no Flowers.

Silver Summit – S/T.

Skyforger – Sword Song.

Solanaceae – S/T.

Somniferum – Season of Change.

Sonne Hagal – Jordansfrost.

Splinterskin – Wayward Souls.

Stormfågel – Eldvakt.

Stormfågel – Svenska Visor.

Sub Luna – Awake!

Subaudition – Light on the Path.

Sunset Wings – Covering for Solace.

Svarrogh – Yer Su.


Tears of Othila – Renaissance!

Telling the Bees – Untie the Wind.

Ten Thousand Things, The – Omnil.

Tervahäät – S/T.

Tethrippon – S/T.

Thayer Cabin – S/T.

Things in Herds – Nothing is Lost.

Thinguma*JigSaw – (awakeninwhitechapel).

Trauerspiel – Die Erste Träne.

Triple Tree, The – Ghosts.


Umnachter – Gedankensplitter.

Umnachter Project – Schall und Rauch.

Unfaithful, The – Lullaby Tears.

United Bible Studies – The Jonah.


Valkyrend Varieté – Kaihomieli Valpas.

Valkyrend Varieté – Tonttu.

Vanasamfundet Moder Jord – Möt Moder Jord.

Varunna – Cantos.

Vergissmeinnicht – Whispering Solitude.

Vilkduja – Nezinau.

Vilkduja – Vakar Duona.

Voyvoda – The Confederacy.


Waldsonne – Wanderer.

Wakeford, Tony – Not All of Me will Die.

Wardruna – Gap Var Ginnunga.

Weh – Origins.

Weisse Rose, Die – A Martyrium of Whte Roses.

Werkraum – Early Love Music.

Werkraum – Unsere Feuer Brennen! (Re-issue)

While Angels Watch – History & Heritage vol 1.

:Wulgata: – Ressurection of Those Days… A Third Book Has Been Written.




Za Frumi – Legends act 2 : Vampires.

Za Frumi – Legends act 3 : Cults.

Za Frumi – Legends act 4 : Orders.

Za Frumi – Saga chapter 3 : Shrak Ishi za Migul.

Zilverhill – Active-Latent-Descent.



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