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Death in Rome – Barbie Girl / Pump Up The Jam.

September 1, 2015
  • Label: HauRuck! SPQR.
  • Year: 2015.
  • Style: Neofolk.
  • Format: 7″.

Of course with such a generic name as DEATH IN ROME, this can’t be taken serious, and it shouldn’t. Songs from this anonymous project started to appear on YouTube some months ago and they were all covers of catchy pop songs in neofolk shrouds. Apparently, people found this funny or something, as views and likes shot through the roof! Personally I can’t see what’s so funny about something that tries so desperately to be funny and while I was curious for a short while about who’s behind this project, that’s as far as my interest in DEATH IN ROME went. I never found out though, and it doesn’t matter.
As I said, the main emphasis here is comedy. It’s so wild and crazy, hehe, it makes people laugh because these songs truly are the opposite of what neofolk is; super serious stuff. But I don’t agree, I don’t think it’s particularly funny at all and the neofolk genre is already larded with comedy stuff that doesn’t even know it’s hilarious.
For instance, SPREU & WEIZEN. That’s schadenfreude de luxe. A project that takes all the cliches and bakes a super odd cake of them and markets is as “militant christian music” – that’s funny. And the fact that they suck all the way to heaven makes it more hilarious. That’s my kind of neofolk humor. To cover AQUA’s classic “Barbie Girl” is just…  Meh.
What’s more is that many of my friends keep saying that DEATH IN ROME is actually quite good, despite playing silly songs. But the production is so mediocre and dull and it’s nothing about this that makes me interested.


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