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Christian Lappalainen – Acid På Svenska.

August 10, 2015
  • Label: Self-Released / WMWL.
  • Year: 2015.
  • Style: Acid Folk.
  • Format: Digital / Vinyl.

Christian’s been working in the deep Swedish electronic underground for some time before he became known to me, which was about when he released this MP3 album via his Bandcamp site. It seems now like it’s been disbanded, maybe due to the upcoming vinyl release in WMWL later this year?
Anyway, I am so glad I managed to buy these tracks before they went missing because this is one of the albums I have probably spent most time with in a very long time. We have 10 tracks in instrumental versions, all more or less part of the Swedish folk tradition (with minor acidized titles), even though I am a little uncertain if “Somliga Går Med Trasiga Skor” / “Somliga Går Med Trasiga x0xor” should be considered part of it. Never mind. It still sounds good, with a more uptempo sound and also some drum beats added to break off from the otherwise slow, creeping and quite murky tunes.
Being from Sweden, these are all songs we’re born to love, stuff we sang in church before going on summer holiday in school (“Ack Värmeland Du Sköna” / “Ack Acidland Du Sköna”), songs people’s been dancing to for centuries and still do (“Visa Från Utanmyra” / “Visa Från Utansyra”) , songs we hear at weddings (“Jämtländsk Brudmarsch” / “Jämtländsk Brudacid”) and on TV and whatnot. Even my all-time favorite folk song “Hårgalåten” / “Horgacidlåten” makes a display. According to the legend, this song was originally performed by the Devil himself, to hypnotize the youngsters in Hårga and make them dance themselves to death!
The album is also a homage to the most classical of all acid synthesizers ever, the Roland TB-303. Not only is it the only instrument on the entire album and not only does it work at cover art… All the tracks are exactly 3.03 minutes long, making the album itself 30.3 minutes which I find super funny. It was also sold for 30.3 Swedish Kronor, I do however suspect the vinyl version to be a bit more expensive than that, the only right thing to do is to sell it for 303 Swedish Kronor!
As I mentioned, the thoroughgoing tempo is really slow and there are so many cool and hypnotic sounds and “Acid På Svenska” is impossible to stop listening to. Great work, super work.


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