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Cubs – The Whispering Woods.

February 16, 2011
  • Label: Rusted Rail.
  • Year: 2010.
  • Style: Experimental Folk or something close to.
  • Format: CD.

I can’t resist a band called CUBS. How could I? Add to that a lovely packaging and a super cute cover painting and I’m sold.
Yes, my first impressions on this albums were huge. Then I learned that CUBS is somewhat of an all-star band with members from nearly every act that ever touched Rusted Rail records. Our favourite radio pilot is present, and I can’t often say no to his music. Clear lines can also be drawn from this project to PHANTOM DOG BENEATH THE MOON, PLINTH and YAWNING CHASM, to name a few. Anyway, a total of elven musicians were involved in writing and recording these 13 tracks. All this and more can be learned over at Rusted Rail’s official site.

With all the aforementioned acts in mind, you could get a so-so clear picture of how CUBS sound… It’s eerie and laid back at the same time. Electroacoustic folkadelica with focus on the acoustic. Beautiful guitars, great flutework… Dulcimer, mandolin, cello, mandocello, banjo, bouzouki, samples, accordion… I like to think of it as something like TUNNG meets AGITATED RADIO PILOT. It’s experimental and new, yet very familiar and safe.
Most of the tracks are instrumentals, which isn’t as boring as I thought it would be with such a vast selection of instruments. Vocals do appear here and there and singing parts are my havens. Yeah, I could wish for more vocals but it’s not really a hangup.
As you might expect, the music is flawless. These guys know folk and how it’s should be done. And if you’re somewhat familiar to the artists before, you might now they’re also masters of putting up huge atmospheres that works almost as canvases, or television screens, in your mind. The thoroughgoing mood is bleak. Nostalgic maybe. Certainly melancholic. With a touch of hopefulness. And they’re called CUBS and has a super cute cover painting so there’s no way to resist this.

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