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Thayer Cabin – S/T.

May 8, 2010
  • Label: Terrorthrone Records.
  • Year: 2008.
  • Style: Experimental, instrumental folk.
  • Format: CDR.

Not much is revealed around this album. We do get the name of the project, and we do get (really strange) song titles. Nothing else. Who is the man behind the THAYER CABIN? How did he come up with something like this? I don’t know.

We do also get 15 tracks of very diverse and original acoustic guitar music. Most of the time it’s dark as the night but sometimes some kind of playful cheeriness shines through, but it does not feel genuine with that chamber-sounding guitar he plays. Rather disturbed, schizophrenic and sick.
To explain how the music sound is an almost impossible task. It’s a strange mix of metal riffs, oriental folk music and blues tunes, as well as a touch of scary ambient and… everything else. It’s chaos under total control, at the same time as it’s totally out of it.

There are almost no vocals and most certainly no lyrics. The few utterings we get are nothing but moans or chants maybe.
Talented? Yes. Very. Sometimes it makes me think there is a full orchestra playing, but as far as I have come to understand, this is a solo project,
Ah, it’s so hard to review something like this. It has to be experienced by yourself; otherwise you wont understand it at all. So I can’t do much more than to give you my greatest recommendations if you would like something original and disturbed, something twisted and strange… A trip to a chilly cabin deep, deep into the woods.

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