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Refuse to Die – Collection Of Agnostic Flies.

May 8, 2010
  • Label: The Eastern Front.
  • Year: 2008.
  • Style: Experimental Industrial.
  • Format: CD.

I had only heard of this Israeli band called REFUSE TO DIE via rumors before The Eastern Front entrusted me with this promo copy of their first album for that label. I expected something in the vein of NOVY SVET, and sure, there are some strong influences. Especially from the first NOVY SVET era. I also think this could appeal to those who fancy the Italian industrial pop act DIVISION S. But at the same time, what REFUSE TO DIE has put together here is something completely unique in many ways.
The music is often, almost entirely, very minimal. Some synth sounds here, pitched up and down, some drums, lots of samples, dirty noises and it’s all very messy and hard to get a grip of. The second track ”Aufwiederzein” is in my opinion a very strong card even though the title is misspelled (on purpose?) with that funny cabaret piano melody and other interesting details. This ain’t no one-hit-wonder though, and we get to meet a couple of good tracks along the way. Many of them are rather short and uninformative but charming nonetheless. ”Fears” is an orgy of dark and dramatic sounds, swirling noises and haunting vocals. Interesting piece. Track five is an 1 minute long something that really shouldn’t be on a separate track, but it is.
The sixth track, ”White Power” is another good one, with a WINTERKÄLTE-like drum and atmosphere chopped into pieces and glued back together, maybe a bit out of tune, all together with samples of a Ku Klux Klan guy screaming his message out. This ought to be a very controversial thing to do for a band hailing from Israel actually, but I’m glad it’s made, because it’s probably my favorite track on this album.
”Uncle Psalm” offers some calmer tunes, really not far from some kind of urban, sleazy ambient, while the one after (”Womb”) turns the pulse back on with it’s minimalm but intense noise sound.
”Birthday” takes us back to the sound of the second track; a cabaret-ish song with the same kind of distorted vocals. The tenth track ain’t much to brag about, an experimental, neverending (it seems) cacophony with lots of sounds topping each other, but I like the last track with those industrial samba rhythms!
The CD comes in a A4 ”digipack”, typical for The Eastern Front. The layout is exactly as messy as the sound, so yeah… Fitting artwork really. You can look at it for ages and discover new things the whole time.

And so, closing argument time. Do I like this or not? I do like this. It’s not the best thing I’ve heard, but a welcome addition in a genre on the verge to extinction. Certainly not a good buy for everyone, but if you enjoy your ”Faccia a Faccia” and your collection of Punch Records releases, you could give REFUSE TO DIE a chance.

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