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One for Jude – Re Generation.

May 7, 2010
  • Label: Self-Released.
  • Year: 2007
  • Style: Folk-Pop.
  • Format: CD.

The story of ONE FOR JUDE isn’t very extraordinary. After a, may I use a strong word, crappy debut album, a far better MCD followed and now I’m writing a review on their second full-length release.
Back on ”Figures”, they mixed ingredients from several different and up until then previously unmixed genres and it had all the possibilities in the world to be at full bloom but fell due to a young naivety, bad mixing and tempting upper register vocals.
In ”Re Generation” we are dealing with a band that sounds far more secure and professional, and their original mix of neofolk, darkwave, post-punk and alternative pop ala RADIOHEAD works splendid. The best decision the French trio has made during the years to improve the result is the one to use their native language and nothing but their native language. It may result in me (and many others) not understanding the lyrics but to sing in native tongue is always a good choice, especially for ONE FOR JUDE. There are still things to polish though, especially in the vocal-part, but certainly, ONE FOR JUDE is now on the right side of the road.

”Re Generation” has 10 tracks to offer, and a perfect playing time. The absolutely best track when looking at some pop qualities (melody, refrain, chorus) is one you might remember from their ”Hélice” MCD, a bittersweet song that still stands as a stable winner called ”L’ebloui” (I wished they’d got rid of the cheesy saxophone solo though!) , but there are a couple of almost-equally memorable moments of folky pop music here. The suggestive ”Gregoire L’illuminmateur” is amazing and the strings in the intro immediately sets a haunting mood.
”Le Russe” is another interesting one I keep playing over and over again, and the catchy new wave explosion ”Klaus” is really cool!
To balance things up, there are also some tracks I just don’t get but I won’t make anyone happy by namedropping them. And all in all, this is a fair album I will continue to explore for a while. I will close this review with a strong recommendation.
Soon enough ONE FOR JUDE will release yet a new album and I have my expectations set high. Check back soon for my review on that one as well.

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