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O Paradis – Pequeñas Canciones de Amor.

May 7, 2010
  • Label: Tourette Records.
  • Year: 2008.
  • Style: Industrial Experimental Pop.
  • Format: CD.

O PARADIS har been working really hard over the past 8 years, releasing many albums, singles and collaboration works, most notable are the two killer albums he did together with NOVY SVET.
To begin with, the progress seemed endless; the first album was good, the second one a little better and the third one was, and still is the strongest card. But honestly, after that things has been developing pretty slow, some new elements has been introduced here and there, and some new instruments showed up occasionally. In this, the sixth full length album, the big surprise is comes as a BOB DYLAN cover (”It Ain’t Me, Babe”) and the label of choice. I think it’s time for O PARADIS to do something completely unexpected now, we’ve heard most of this songs before, it feels. But of course, even a modest or ”routine” O PARADIS album is still a very good album, can’t complain about that. Demian, who leads the project, is very talented in what he does and his unique mix of sad pop, Mediterranean folk and industrial is very easy to bring to the heart.
This album contains not less than 17 new tracks, so yes, there are plenty really good ones to discover.
”A Falta de Palabras” is nice. Musicwise it’s not that special but I like the female spoken words in German followed by the same line translated into Spanish, sung by Demian.
The mentioned BOB DYLAN cover is of course really fun to hear and the one that follows, ”La Noche de Brahman”, is a very moody interlude.
”La Màscara del Miedo” starts with a sample from a very popular Swedish movie, and I know that it ain’t the first time Demian sampled from that one, and it’s certainly fun to hear, especially for me. This tracks is also probably the most appealing one on the entire album and instantly an O PARADIS classic, a rather catchy one indeed.
The lounge-poppy ”De Lejos” can also be recommended, just like the sad, acoustic guitar piece ”Como Una Nube”, written and probably performed by Jürgen Weber from NOVY SVET.
”Mejor Que la Muerte” is also a splendid hit song, in which Demian’s voice sounds better than ever before (that equals really good). Cool, funky drums as well, and some very nice keyboard bleeps in between the verses.
So yes, of course there are several great songs on ”Pequeñas Canciones de Amor”, just like we are used to when it comes to O PARADIS. A shame is, that we are also used to hear album after album that sounds pretty much the same. Still, good, absolutely. It’s not his strongest but I’m sure it will grow yet some steps before the next one comes.

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