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Kentin Jivek – Eight New Prophecies.

May 7, 2010
  • Label: Self-Released / Can’t find the information.
  • Year: 2009.
  • Style: Dark Folk.
  • Format: CDR.

The French neofolk musician Kentin has remained hidden deep in the underground for several years, and has given birth to four albums. It was by accident I found myself in to his MySpace page. When I saw his influences, ranging from RAVI SHAKNAR to SOL INVICTUS via DEAD CAN DANCE and CURRENT 93, I took the small, but important, step, and clicked the play button on his MySpace music player. Not long after that, I felt that this is an artist I’d really like to shed some light on. His highly professional neofolk, in which he amazes with guitar skills and a sense for creating most intriguing atmospheres, quickly found the one-way road into my heart, and after a very pleasant mail conversation, he sent me this, his most recent and fourth album, called “Eight New Prophecies”.
He’s putting the neofolk up to a test that previously has proven successful thanks to bands like THE GREEN MAN, and that is to infuse it with Eastern tunes and atmospheres. And thanks to a really, really strong production and not letting the oh so common amateur mistakes claim any space what so ever, this is a damn fine album at every level. Actually, the only negative aspects I can find is that it’s a bit too short for a full album, and the fact that’s it’s presented in CDR format, but these are both trifles that I don’t even have to mention if I’m not in my worst complain-mood, which I’m not. So. In other words, here we have a splendid little album, that hooks me up already from the beginning, and keeps me entertained until the end.
There are a couple true standouts in there as well, and please, if you ever get the chance to, take a listen to “Quelle Importance”, an irresistible slow dark folk song that breathes distinct of CURRENT 93 and their strongest side. The sad guitar plucks, the desolate keyboards, the French, bitter, spoken vocals… It really makes me wonder HOW and WHY so many crappy artists get to release their albums on major, as in neofolk major, labels, and get their crap distributed widely spread while KENTIN JIVEK, that obviously is better than all of them, is still hiding in the soil beneath Paris. It’s a twisted scene. It’s a twisted world. And I’m glad to have music like this to fall into, to escape into, when every other opportunity is a dead end.
Much greatly recommended!

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